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D&D for the masses!

Feb 12 2017 12:53 PM | Bazban in Articles

Casual D&D hosted by Winter Wolves!

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We're BACK!

Mar 24 2015 07:00 PM | Awran in Articles

After moving the website to a new host and updating some of the features are finally back up and running on the website.

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Treatise on Warchiefs and Magistrates

May 15 2014 07:00 PM | Odok in World of Warcraft

The Siege of Orgrimmar, the final raid tier of Mists of Pandaria, cleared on Normal mode on 5/15/14.

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Winter Wolves Game Nights

Jul 26 2014 07:00 PM | Awran in Articles

Winter Wolves game nights are a new idea designed to reach out to our too busy to game but still want to crowd.  For most of us veteran wolves the time to be able to dedicate to gaming does not match the needs of regular raiding groups and what not.  Game nights are designed to be a one night a week regular event where all WW regardless of what games they are playing can get together and game casually without the pressures of regular raiding.
Currently a group of us have started new Republic characters in SWTOR.  This group plays these characters only on this particular night and the intent is to level through the game together.  For those who want t...

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SWTOR: Galactic Starfighter Beta Impressions

Nov 14 2013 12:00 PM | Awran in Star Wars: The Old Republic

The NDA has been lifted effective 11:00am CST on my experiences participating in the Galactic Starfirghter beta.  Below are my impressions.

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In the Halls of the Thunder King

Jun 10 2013 07:00 PM | Odok in World of Warcraft

The Throne of Thunder, the Tier 15 raid, cleared on Normal mode on 5/2/13.

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Feb 01 2013 07:00 PM | Odok in World of Warcraft

The Terrace of Endless Spring, the final raid of Tier 14, cleared on normal mode on 1/31/13.

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Feb 01 2013 07:00 PM | Odok in World of Warcraft

Heart of Fear, the second raid of Tier 14, cleared on normal mode 1/24/13.

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Vault Dwellers

Dec 09 2012 07:00 PM | Odok in World of Warcraft

Mogu'shan Vaults, the first raid of Tier 14 and the first raid of MoP, cleared 12/6/12.

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Beginning Winter Wolves weekly guild meetings -...

Jul 02 2012 06:30 PM | Bazban in Articles

Come one, come all, let's meet up and keep in touch! We're going to begin holding weekly guild meetings on Tuesdays at 8PM Eastern time on our Vent server. These meetings are entirely optional but we hope will be a great way to keep up with members from different games, as well as meet new members, recruits, and even potential applicants that are just checking us out. The plan is to have our first meeting on July 10th, just over a week from now. Generally speaking I wouldn't expect these meetings to take very long, but the first couple may. We'll try to limit it to 1 hour at most, unless everyone wants to "push on" to kill the boss after that time.


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